Society also undertake Aids Awareness Camp to aware the society about the effects of AIDS and to know the society how to overcome about the same. All the body members of the society are fully literate and capable to undertake any type of project to promote the Society and to literate the community about the various segments of the life. In the light of the past experience and having a good knowledge base of the body members and having full sympathy with Employed Rural & Urban Youth of the Madhya Pradesh with the supporting members of the society who are full of Boost and Enthusiasm ready to undertake the proposed project for Vocational Training Courses for Skill Development and Creating Employment activities for the rural youth to make them self sustain and self employed and for the generation of Employment for the rural youth of the selected district under the livelihood programme.
All the body members are fully literate and trained in the field of Silai Kadai Handloom, Bunnai, Soft Toys, Knitting , School Bags, Jute Work, Bricks Manufacturing Training and Weaving and related activities to help the upliftment of the vocational trained Youth the start their Self employment with the support the various training programmes for the individual Growth as well as growth of the Nation. The basic object of the society is to run the Vocational training programme for full year for various Vocational Activities at various places of the District depending up on the requirement and need of the District for the required programme under livelihood programme. To start with this dream the society has initiated the annexed project to provide skill development / Vocational support to make them self depend and provide them technical skill to make them self employed