Vision & Mission

Samadhan Samaj Sewa Sangathan works to enable people facing the Empowerment Awareness and Equality.Our Organization gives them the opportunity to develop their skills and leadership capacity so that they can address the issues affecting their lives. All the body members of the society are fully literate and capable to undertake any type of project to promote the Society and to literate the community about the various segments of the life. In the light of the past experience and having a good knowledge base of the body members and having full sympathy with Employed Rural & Urban Youth of Our Country.Playing the role of catalysts, we help to implement sustainable development processes that will make communities self-sufficient in the long term.We are the team of proffessionals and exeperinced to consultant the people regarding the issue.

Our Vision
Vision for overall development of the society. Everyone is skilled capable to lives a better life .Our Vision is sustainable development of poor through preservation, conservation and development resources.

Our Mission
We will give mark able contribution towards skill India by 2020 by providing locally support. Everyone enjoy their life with dignity and prosperity